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Cloud software solutions, Design and Architecture

Kinsley Ndenge is a Technologist and Python Programming professional

Solutions Engineering

What questions do you want to answer, when you are using software to engineer a solution to a problem? Here are a few key ones :

  • Who are your users?
  • What do your users want?
  • What will your solution let users do?
  • What features will your solution have? (to let the user do)
  • How will you prioritise these features?
  • What Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), will you measure? (To know how well your solution performs)
  • How will you communicate these KPIs to your stakeholders?

Feature requirements and properties

What features will your software solution have and what is the nature of these features?

  • What are your features
  • Describe the properties of these features (What is it? What does it do?What input does it take? What output does it give?)
  • What Microservices can be used for each feature?

Microservices are used to spread the burden of computing, across different specialised system providers (Typically via REST APIs)

Below is a simple template that can be used when thinking about REST API design. This template is based on our sample Remittance App

NB: Microservices have multiple code bases and each service manages its own data.

– Kinsley Ndenge
Designing APIs for services

Google Apigee Platform can be used for developing and managing APIs

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